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The Impact of Live Dealer Games on the Future of Online Casinos

With online casinos doing very well, live dealer games is a segment that has taken off: it combines digital convenience and traditional casino environment in one experience that players have taken a shine to.

Setting one up can take a monumental effort. Cole Rush talks to Dagmara Bator and Jonas Delin of Authentic Gaming about the company’s experience when they launched a portfolio of live games.

Real-time streaming

Live streaming exploits HD cameras, casino gambling software designed specifically for real-time viewing of casino games, and rapid, reliable internet connectivity: visual access enables you to see for yourself of whether or not games are honest and fair. In an important way, the live streaming that enables this greater trust is also essential in making it possible. It turns out to have far more significance than most players realise.

Many live casino dealers are also ambassadors of responsible gaming, calling out to players regarding their addiction risks. Looking out for their players can give live casinos an edge in player loyalty, and also function as great lead generation for operators.

For the operators sites, live dealer games, although provide a better entertainment for the users of the online-casino, have introduced a significant number of issues including the pressure of improving user experience, keeping up with the technical changes through new features, make sure all the games running well, satisfy the surfer’s preference in which they entrap players, and ensure the competitive advantage over the long-term operation. The iGaming sites need to promote their brand with reliable promotions to capture the fear-of-missing-out of the users so more visitors would visit the page in order to ensure the surging growth of the market and to maintain the profitability.


Authenticity is key to casino play, but it might never be possible to translate the whirring slots and chunky roulette wheels of a physical casino online. Live dealer games offer social interaction and visibility, aspects of the casino experience that have pulled many players into their fold.

But the densest engrossment comes from a technique that replicates casino experiences in another way: real-time capture of card shuffles, roulette spins and hand dealings. These games are now widely used online and help explain why internet gamblers have taken to them eagerly.

On the other hand, virtual casino games might be more attractive than digital games for a larger audience, since they don’t require a significant budget to play, and they can be played by beginners and advanced players alike. The fact that you can play a virtual game to try out a new strategy without risking too much money might be seen as the most appropriate solution for players who want to try a different type of casino game, but don’t have too much money to spend in a real casino.


But one of the great new things about live dealer casino games is not just the immersive gameplay and the social aspect – it’s the fact that it gives you a feeling of authenticity that you just can’t get from an ordinary online casino game. A classic online game might use a random number generator to mimic hands, wheels or other games, but when you watch this process through a video feed in real time, it makes the game much more engaging for many players.

Thus, players need a reliable and high-speed internet connectiion to enjoy live dealer game video streaming. Furthermore, any occurences of connection drop outs in such equipments can easily frustrate the players with lags and buffering on their designated platforms or connectivity problems in the field.

Generally, all iGaming providers strive for sub-second latency to prevent these issues from arising while dealers are specifically trained in recognising signs of problem gambling and will assist the player, if necessary, in identifying available resources. This level of accountability ensures players whilst concomitantly encouraging responsible gaming – fostering relationships between dealers and players whilst establishing a reason for return.


Live dealer games are broadcast from a real studio, where hands are dealt, cards are shuffled, and the roulette ball whips around a wheel – all live, in real time, and they boost the credibility of the online brand versus its casino rivals. The authenticity of real people dealing and spinning the roulette wheel is very appealing to players who enjoy social interactions and who do not find sufficient engagement in the common online casino games.

Aside from the fact that live dealers can significantly enhance the gambling experience, they are trained to look for cues that someone is problem gambling, and offer resources that might help – all part of an overarching strategy to encourage responsible gaming that enhances loyalty among players and further supports player retention.

VR technology has the potential to make our gaming experience at home more entertaining and social, still letting us interact with real-life dealers – something that younger generations familiar with constant digital interaction thrive off, and which may serve as a pivotal bridge for new players entering online casino games.