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The History and Evolution of Keno

Keno is a lottery-style gambling game in which numbers (usually from 1-80) are randomly drawn and players have the option to mark or circle as many of these as they wish, with prizes depending on how many match up.

Keno originated in ancient China, created by General Cheung Leung to raise funds during wartime.


Keno has been around for millennia, with roots in ancient China but only during the 19th century did this lottery-like game become globally popular.

The game of Risk was first popularized in the West when Chinese immigrants moved to America to work on railroads. Once there, they brought along their beloved game with them and it spread quickly throughout North America and beyond.

In the 19th century, Chinese characters were replaced with numbers in order to appeal to American players who couldn’t read Chinese.

Keno was invented by General Cheung Leung of the Han Dynasty around 200 BC. To fund his artillery and protect his people, he devised a lottery-like game. According to legend, this proved successful for him.


Keno is a game where players select numbers and wait for the next drawing. It’s similar to bingo or lottery drawings, though with much greater rewards.

Keno utilizes small white balls labeled from 1 to 80 to determine winning numbers. They are drawn randomly either by computer or traditional machine.

For even better odds of winning, consider betting on the bonus ball. Not only will it pay out more money if you land it, but the extra risk is worth taking for such a large reward.

It’s essential to remember that there’s no way of predicting which numbers will appear in the next draw. Each draw is independent and random, meaning there can be no influence from previous draws on what may show up next time.


Keno is a popular gambling option available at casinos and restaurants, as well as some state lotteries.

Keno is a game of chance similar to bingo but with slightly different rules. Players select one number from 1 to 80 and wait for the next draw.

Video keno allows players to select their numbers via paper slip or touch screen, making it quicker than live keno but offering lower betting limits and better value for wins.

Online casinos offer various variants of keno, such as traditional, instant multiplier and power keno. The latter is an especially thrilling variation that pays out four times your stake when the last ball hits one of your selected numbers on your ticket.

Odds of winning

Keno offers several factors that can impact your chances of winning. The number of balls drawn, how many numbers you select and the game’s paytable all influence your likelihood of hitting a prize.

Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use to boost your chances of winning. These include choosing four to eight numbers, playing online, and using multi-race cards.

One of the best strategies for increasing your odds is playing keno games with high payout percentages. These can usually be found online casinos, where the house edge is much lower than at land-based venues.

Taxes on winnings

If you win money from bingo or slot machines or any other form of gambling, the IRS requires that you pay taxes on that income. This includes winnings of more than $1,200 from bingo and slot machines as well as more than $1,500 from keno games.

Your winnings must be reported on Form W-2G, issued to you by a casino or other gambling entity and including an overview of all winnings for the year. This form must also include any taxes associated with them.

Casinos often send winnings directly to the IRS with a form they provide you. If this occurs, it’s wise to get a copy of that form so you can confirm if taxation has been applied on your gambling income.