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Golden Jackpot Bougainvillea

A Weigela with a golden yellow hue, the Golden Jackpot is a wonderful addition to a landscape. This weigela is a member of the True Rewards program and only requires a login with a True Rewards card to participate. Players who win the Golden Instant Bonus Cash are eligible to play all four of a kind games. The only other requirement is to enter a four-digit PIN number. This sweepstakes has no cash value.

A fine choice for the landscape, Golden Jackpot(r) Bougainvillea grows well in containers. This species is a ‘thriller’, and is best planted near the center of a pot surrounded by smaller plants. The Golden Weigela can also be grown alone in a container, but may not perform as indicated on the tag. If you are using it in an outdoor container, you should increase the frequency of watering.

The Golden Jackpot(r) Bougainvillea is a fine choice for outdoor landscapes, and also performs well in container combinations. It is best planted in the center of a pot surrounded by other plants that are smaller in size. Although the Golden Jackpot may look good in a container, it may not perform as well as advertised on the tag. The Golden Weigela will need frequent watering to stay healthy. In the wild, Golden Weigela will bloom and flower more than a hundred times in a season.

Golden Jackpot(r) Bougainvillea is a fine selection for the outdoor landscape. This Weigela can grow to about 20 feet tall and a diameter of 24 inches. It is best to plant it near a landscape structure and train it to climb upwards. You can also let the plant trail off a retaining wall. If you plan to grow Golden Weigela in a container, you should note that this plant can be an annual, and should therefore be replaced after winter.

The Golden Jackpot(r) Bougainvillea has showy clusters of pink flowers with lavender overtones and distinctive crimson flower buds. Its foliage is attractive gold with hints of lime green. The blooms of the Weigela emerge in yellow in the spring and the leaves are coarse and pointy. The plant is best grown in a sunny location and is easily grown in a container. It will need regular watering after the first few years.

If you want to grow a large Weigela in a container, this is a great choice. It will reach up to 20 feet tall and wide at maturity, and is suitable for outdoor use. It is often used as a ‘thriller’ in containers as it is a large, showy plant. The plant can be trained to climb upwards or allow it to trail over a retaining wall. As a mature plant, Golden Jackpot will need to be watered more often than the rest of the year.