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The Most Exciting Casino Attractions Outside of Gambling

If you love gambling but also enjoy engaging in other enjoyable activities, there are numerous interesting casino attractions outside of casinos to make your vacation unforgettable! From day trips and museums, to outdoor adventures – your trip will surely become one to remember!

Gambling has long been part of American culture. It serves as a draw that keeps many returning year after year to this great nation.

1. Lion Habitat

Lion Habitat Zoo offers the ideal experience to see wild animals in their natural environment, featuring over 40 lions as well as giraffes, emus, and many other species.

Enhance your experience by booking a behind-the-scenes tour and witness trainers feeding, bathing and caring for the animals.

Lions typically feed on prey weighing 190-550 kg (420-1,210 lbs), such as zebras, wildebeests, wild antelopes, buffalo, giraffes and warthogs. Additionally, they may capture and eat smaller creatures, including rodents and reptiles.

There are various factors that affect how lions use habitats, including proximity to water sources and food availability as well as human-caused risks. Gaining an understanding of these interactions between lions and their surroundings is critical to creating successful conservation strategies; for instance, by identifying which variables have the greatest influence over habitat quality; exploring whether certain factors overlap; and anticipating how they’ll react when environmental conditions shift or change over time.

2. Volcano

Volcano is one of the must-see attractions outside of gambling when visiting Las Vegas, erupting nightly near Mirage Hotel Casino and visible both from outside and inside of its walls. View it from anywhere along the Strip or inside its walls!

This show utilizes 150 “fire shooters,” or flamethrowers, that project flames up to 12 feet in the air and are choreographed to music provided by Grateful Dead members Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain.

Arrive early if you want the best viewing experience at this free show; as there can be quite a lot of people. Be mindful that it can get quite crowded; find a spot on the railing if possible for optimal viewing experience.

Eruption features of this game offer two wild symbols; one acts as a standard wild that substitutes for all symbols except scatters; while the second comes equipped with a 2x multiplier multiplier attached. Rumble and Lava features also help boost payouts of this slot game.

3. Seven Magic Mountains

If you want to experience one of the most thrilling casino attractions outside gambling, head south of Las Vegas and visit the Seven Magic Mountains – this colorful public art installation can be seen for free 24/7 and is open around the clock.

Ugo Rondinone created this site-specific art piece as an interstitial between geological formations and abstract compositions. The artwork features local limestone boulders stacked vertically into groups of three to six rocks that have fluorescent paint applied, creating an intriguing composition.

Rondinone’s artwork was initially unveiled for public view in May 2016, with plans to stay put for two years. Due to its success, however, the Bureau of Land Management granted Rondinone an extended permit through 2021.

After being picked up from your hotel in the city, take a guided tour of this desert art site and experience its fascinating work first-hand. Your small-group tour includes bottled water and snacks; plus hotel pickup/dropoff.

4. Mob Museum

The Mob Museum provides an engaging and immersive experience that deftly addresses Vegas’ mobster past. Its multi-sensory exhibits will leave you running around like an animal and may leave you wishing for more time on your hands!

This museum occupies what was the original federal building constructed in Las Vegas – once serving as US Post Office and courthouse during a Kefauver hearing to expose organized crime in America. There are plenty of fascinating things to see and do here, such as an underground prohibition-era speakeasy featuring its own distillery!

The Mob Museum is not free, so be sure to purchase tickets in advance. Admission may vary based on time of year; be sure to plan for any potential price increases accordingly. It’s located at 300 Stewart Avenue just east of 4th Street in Downtown Las Vegas; opening hours are 9 am-10 pm daily with special events requiring reservations in advance.